Cafecito Soap Bar


Cafecito (or little coffee in spanish) is a coffee soap bar handcrafted with our skin loving oils,  kaolin clay, coffee grounds and buttermilk.  Coffee is a natural exfoliator and using coffee grounds on your skin is a great way to help remove excess skin cells which cause dry, itchy skin. The antioxidants found in coffee have tons of benefits for your overall health and your skin promoting healthy skin by slowing signs of aging, reducing inflammation and dark spots, increasing collagen production and reducing cellulite.


Buttermilk provides lactic acid which helps to keep the skin moisturized and feeling less dry. Using lactic acid regularly can help improve signs of aging. It stimulates collagen renewal and can firm your skin. Hyper pigmentation (AKA sun spots or age spots) fade and fine lines and wrinkles soften and smooth out.



An aroma of freshly brewed Arabica coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla and brown sugar with a base note of nutty hazelnuts. 



Soap bar weighs approximately 4.5oz. Size and weight may vary slightly since each bar is cut by hand. This is a chunky type bar with the approximate dimensions of 3" tall x 3.25" wide x 1" thick.

Cafecito Soap Bar

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