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Why You Should Be Using a Body Oil In Your Self Care Routine

Benefits of Using a Body Oil in your self care routine

At Sweet Hope Soap Co., we truly believe in the HOPE found in the consistent use of natural, plant derived oils as part of our self care routine. For years, we had been told that oils are "bad" when in reality, they are needed and so, so good, for all skin types. Our bodies create natural oils, which many of us wash away constantly with harsh detergents found in commercial soap and shower gels. The right oils help bring balance, moisture and nourishment that have the power to renew, heal and protect.

Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks, used oils for beauty purposes, skin care, hair care and most of all to heal. This speaks to the insight that they had in regards to the power of the natural God given resources that He has provided for us in His wonderful and amazing creation. This is the basis of why, at Sweet Hope, we formulate simple, yet powerful, skin care from nature.

Sweet Hope Soap Co.'s trio of natural plant derived body oil formulas


1. Helps bring BALANCE

Some of the building blocks of great skin are a group of naturally-occurring, unsaturated fats found in plant-derived oils called Essential Fatty Acids. They offer a range of amazing skin benefits, when applied topically and they play a crucial role in helping us maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Suffering from dry, irritated skin? Acne or Oiliness? These EFA's are great at bringing your skin back into a perfect balance and helping to calm and soothe stressed skin.


The blend of oils found in our Body Oil formula, have the remarkable ability to lock in penetrate deep to deliver nourishment and lock in moisture, leaving you with soft, supple skin.

Our oil blend is light and absorbs quickly so you won't be left feeling greasy.

3. Has ANTI-AGING Properties

Remember EFA's? These acids found in our blend of oils provide a turbocharged boost of anti-oxidants that help skin repair, prevent sun damage, brighten skin tone and correct sings of aging.